get in touch with your inner Isorex

All Isorex schwag is hand-picked, free-range, cage-free, and 100% awesome.

Some random person on the internet

This is a test store for Team Isotope from Automattic who work on WooCommerce, and have a super awesome mascot affectionately known as Isorex. The store and the schwag are real though, as are the credit card charges! If you buy something, you will get the real thing. COOL!

So shop away, and drop into #team-isotope on slack for feedback. The goal of this site is to test the latest and greatest of all things in WooCommerce. Some items are back-ordered, but for automatticians, all things are expensable ( or we will happily refund your order upon shipping, because that lets us test more flows. )

Awesome curling action photos from Mike Jolley. Other random product pictures courtesy of Timmy’s daughter Kaydee.